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What type of junk do you remove?

2. Are you fully-insured for this type of work?
3. Can you do jobs at night or on the weekend?
4. Do I have to be there when the junk is picked up?
5. Why not use a dumpster?
6. Why can't you haul hazardous material?
7. Do you do demolition work?
8. What is the size of your truck?
9. What equipment do you bring?
10. What is involved in removing junk safely and legally?
11. Why should we choose you for our junk removal needs?
12. What cities does your service area include?
1.   What type of junk do you remove?

We will haul away just about anything from old drywall to old counsel TV’s, tires and anything considered junk, clutter, debris,  rubbish, and scrap that is non hazardous. Some examples are…

  • Appliances: washers, dryers, stoves, freezers/refrigerators, microwaves
  • Construction materials:  concrete, lumber, drywall, roofing material, siding,
  • Furniture:  couches, tables, beds, chairs
  • Household items:  TVs, computers, household goods, clutter, junk
  • Remodeling debris:   sheet rock, scrap wood, carpet, cabinets, etc.
  • Yard debris:  hedge clippings, brush, cut up trees
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2.   Are you insured for this type of work?

Absolutely! The Junk Truck is fully-insured, and a certificate stating our insurance status is available upon request.

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3.   Can you do jobs at night or on the weekend?
    It is unsafe for our trucks and drivers to do jobs at night.  Call us and we will go over your options. We are open 7 days a week, including Saturday and Sunday.
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4.   Do I have to be there when the junk is picked up?
  If your junk is outside, behind a garage or in the yard then you do not need to be present. We can take a credit card over the phone or you can leave a personal check. If the junk is inside your home or any out building you will need to be there to give us access to the junk.  Then just point to the junk and we’ll remove it and clean up the area.
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5.   Why not use a dumpster?

With dumpsters you have to figure out what size dumpster you need, and if you over calculate you will be charged for the unused space. With our trucks you pay only for the space used in our trucks.  Our labor and disposal fees cost you nothing.

  • Dumpsters can be an eyesore to you and your neighbors.
  • Dumpsters also sit in your yard and kill the grass or ruin your beautiful lawn when they are loaded up and pulled away.
  • With dumpsters you have to load all the rubbish into the dumpster yourself.

With The Junk Truck we load, haul and clean up the site for you. You just point to the junk and as easy as 1-2-3 your junk is hauled away and properly disposed of.

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6.   Why can’t you haul hazardous materials?
    We can’t haul hazardous materials because our trucks and drivers are not licensed for this type of work.
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7.   Do you do demolition work?

We do light demolition.  We will take apart or cut up anything to be loaded on our trucks. With something like concrete, we do not break material. Prior to our arrival it must be broken and ready to load.  We do however cut up things like drywall/sheet rock, cabinets etc.

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8.   What is the size of your truck?
    Our truck has 16 cubic yards of useable space ready to be filled with your junk and debris.  The bed measures 12ft long, 8 ft wide and 4.5 ft tall.
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9.   What equipment do you bring?

We always come fully equipped with the correct tools and safety equipment, including moving blankets, a hand dolly, sawzall, extension cords, deck brooms and regular brooms, rakes, wheelbarrows and garbage cans. We always have back braces, eye goggles, gloves and masks for our safety equipment.

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10.   What is involved in removing junk safely and legally?

At the Junk Truck, LLC, we hold all of the permits to safely and legally dispose of your junk and unwanted items properly. Many city ordinances and transfer stations (city dumps) have restrictions on certain items that you can dump. We take on some special costs to dispose of items with restrictions (such as refrigerators and tires). For example, refrigerators contain freon, a chemical that is hazardous to the ozone, and the DNR has special requirements in order to dispose of it properly. In addition, since landfills don稚 accept tires, we send ours out of state by the bulk to get properly disposed of. To keep our landfills clear we donate or recycle as much as possible. Unfortunately, many of our competitors simply don't follow the same standards, and that is one thing that sets us apart from them.

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11.   Why should we choose you for our junk removal needs?

Don't risk using some random guy with a trailer that you found on craigslist—the people posting these ads are rarely insured, they perform their services as a "side job", and they are often not professional or reliable. You're in good hands with the Junk Truck, because we are professionals at what we do. In addition, we're much cheaper than our competitors, and we are fully insured (up to 2 million dollars), so there is nothing to be worried about. Finally, we always come in teams of two, which makes The Junk Truck a more affordable, professional and safer choice when it comes to loading, cleaning up, hauling away, and disposing of your junk properly.

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12.   What cities does your service area include?
  We serve Dodge, Jefferson, Milwaukee, Washington and Waukesha Counties in Wisconsin. For a complete list of cities, view the table below.
  Dodge County:
  Ashippun   Juneau
  Jefferson County:
  Aztalan    Lake Mills 
  Cambridge    Lake Mills (town) 
  Cold Spring    Milford 
  Concord    Oakland 
  Farmington    Palmyra 
  Fort Atkinson    Palmyra (town) 
  Hebron (town)    Sullivan 
  Ixonia (town)    Sullivan (town) 
  Jefferson    Sumner 
  Jefferson (town)    Waterloo 
  Johnson Creek    Watertown 
  Koshkonong    Whitewater 
  Milwaukee County:
  Bayside    Oak Creek 
  Brown Deer    River Hills 
  Cudahy    Shorewood 
  Fox Point    South Milwaukee 
  Franklin    St. Francis 
  Glendale    Wauwatosa 
  Greendale    West Allis 
  Greenfield    West Milwaukee 
  Hales Corners    Whitefish Bay 
  Washington County:
  Germantown   Hartford
  Waukesha County:
  Big Bend   Milwaukee (above) 
  Brookfield (town)
  Mukwonago (town) 
  Brookfield   Mukwonago 
  Butler   Muskego 
  Chenequa   Nashotah 
  Delafield (town)   New Berlin 
  Delafield   North Prairie 
  Dousman   Oconomowoc (town) 
  Eagle (town)   Oconomowoc 
  Eagle   Oconomowoc Lake 
  Elm Grove   Ottawa 
  Genesee   Pewaukee (city) 
  Hartland   Pewaukee (village) 
  Lac La Belle   Summit 
  Lannon   Sussex 
  Lisbon   Vernon 
  Menomonee Falls   Wales 
  Merton (town)   Waukesha (town) 
  Merton   Waukesha 
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